Air-Jet power to dry your shower.

The only foolproof way to make certain your shower stall is completely dry after every shower is to blow it dry with AIRMADA, the built-in shower drying system that blasts forced air through a series of air-jet nozzles integrated into the ceiling and walls of your shower stall.


AIRMADA gives you a completely dry shower with virtually no opportunity for mold growth and no wet, humid after-smell. All you do is flip the timer-controlled switch.

The AIRMADA Shower Drying System is designed to be built directly into the ceiling and walls of your shower. Six air-jet brass nozzles set flush to the surface. Beautifully designed finish plates surround either straight or directional nozzles. A hidden plumbing system delivers air to the nozzles from the AirMax Blower, which can be hidden in a nearby closet or even the attic or basement up to 100 feet away via 2-inch SCH 40 PVC.


Finally, there is an opportunity to break the mold and stave off the repercussions of wet showers with jet-powered air and AIRMADA!

AIRMADA blows powerful jets of air directly down into the shower stall.   

The AIRMADA Shower Drying System is clean and simple.

It uses air to solve a problem — wet and moldy showers — which in the past has required ongoing diligence with a squeegee and/or towel drying.

Each AIRMADA Shower Drying System includes the following components:

A - AirMax Whisper Blower

The high-performance 0.8 horsepower AirMax Blower, which gets hidden out of sight, generates a powerful and steady jet of air that travels in a 2” rigid PVC tube from up to 100’ away, if needed, and connects to the manifold that distributes the air to the AIRMADA Air-Jet Nozzles.

B - Air-Jet Nozzles

Strategically placed and built-in flush to your shower ceiling, these premium brass (choice of finish) nozzles are the outlet from which air is directed into the shower to promote drying. Available as directional nozzles, too.

C - AirMax Tubing

The AIRMADA system comes with 25' of 1/8" thick, 3/4" inside-diameter flexible PVC tubing to direct airflow to individual Air-Jet Nozzles.

D - AirMax Airflow Manifold

Evenly redirects air from the AirMax Blower toward all of the individual Air-Jet Nozzles.

E - AirMax Switch

The AirMax Switch let's you easily and intuitively program run time for your AIRMADA Shower Drying System.