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AirJet power to dry your shower


Skip the towel and the squeegee!

The only foolproof way to make certain your shower stall is completely dry after every shower is to blow it dry with AIRMADA, the built-in shower drying system that blasts forced air through a series of Air-Jet nozzles integrated into the ceiling of your shower stall.


Everyone loves a hot shower... until they have to dry the shower.

One of the most anticipated and simple pleasures in life is the hot shower. A hot shower not only cleans, but it feels good, is relaxing and can relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles. The downside of that wonderful hot shower is having to dry out the shower stall after use.

 Some towel out their shower while others use a squeegee. There are even chemical treatments available. Regardless, the shower stall is still a breeding ground for mold because it's difficult to get completely dry.

No more clammy bathroom. No more wet follow up showers.

You'll also come to appreciate getting ready for your day or evening in a bathroom that's fresh and dry, not clammy and wet. Or, if you are not the first to shower, stepping into a dry stall is much nicer than entering a moist environment that has yet to dry.

AIRMADA provides this dry, fresh shower experience that you'll come to enjoy as much as the elimination of drying out the shower!

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The AirJet dries your shower in minutes... not hours.

The typical shower takes 5 to 7 hours to dry. The AirJet Shower Drying System significantly reduces that drying time!

The AirJet System is built directly into the ceiling and walls of your shower. Depending on the size of you shower space, six to ten threaded AirJet brass nozzles set flush to the shower surface. A hidden-behind-the-walls three-quarter-inch clear hose connects to each of the nozzles and then goes to a manifold, which is hooked to AIRMADA's Whisper AirMax blower with 2-inch plumbing. The Whisper AirMax blower can be located virtually anywhere up to 100 feet from the shower.

The AIRMADA AirJet is clean and simple. It uses just air to solve a problem — wet and moldy showers — which in the past has required ongoing diligence with a squeegee, towel drying and harsh chemicals. Finally there's an opportunity to break the mold and stave off the repercussions of wet showers with jet-powered air from AIRMADA!


Steam Showers & Pocket Doors

AIRMADA AirJet technology also allows for the revolutionary new AirPocket Door, a slide-in door that replaces the traditional swinging shower door, thereby freeing up space in your bathroom.

It allows you to turn your shower into a combination walk-in shower/steam shower as the door can create a full shower seal. This walk-in steam shower can be accompanied by either a flush or raised threshold.

The stainless-steel AIRMADA door pocket incorporates AIRMADA's AirJet technology that dries the door and pocket after use. 

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