The Air-Vantage

Imagine an extravagant five-star hotel shower. Picture the revitalizing experience of a resort spa. Now, envision these luxuries in your own home.

The revolutionary AirPocket Door combined with the AIRMADA Shower Drying System blends the benefits of a steam shower and a walk-in shower in one complete package.

It is, in a word, perfect.

  • Steam and moisture stays put. 
    The AirPocket Door system traps moisture in the shower space and, because there is no traditional swinging shower door, your floor stays clean, dry, and safe.
  • Elegance in any space. 
    Engineered for an incredibly efficient physical footprint, our shower system can be a part of almost any bathroom renovation or new construction.
  • The AirPocket Door system is 100% self-drying. 
    Never again will you find yourself dripping wet and shivering while you clean out your shower.
  • Ready within minutes. 
    Simply press a button when you’re finished showering, and the Air Pocket Door system automatically prepares your shower space for the next person. It’s an elegant shower on demand.
  • Always fresh. Forever. 
    Excess water buildup ruins bathrooms. The Air Pocket system’s use powerful air jets to the door and shower space, so there are no stains, no mold, and no foul smells to worry about—exactly what a premium shower should be.
  • Unwind in total privacy. 
    The glass door steams up in seconds, letting you enjoy an open walk-in shower without feeling exposed, a drawback of traditional walk-in designs.
  • Inherently custom. 
    Each Air Pocket Door system is designed to your precise specifications. Supply the dimensions of your shower’s opening, and we create a system that’s tailor-made for your space.
  • Brilliantly simple. 
    Despite its game-changing technology, the AirPocket Door system is easy to install, whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIYer.
  • Made in America. 
    Designed, tested, and assembled in the Heartland, master craftsmen build every AirPocket Door system according to our exacting standards.