AirPocket Door

Turn your shower into a steam room!

The revolutionary AirPocket Door, a slide-in shower door designed to replace the traditional swinging shower door, allows you to turn your shower into a combination walk-in shower/steam shower, as the door can create a full shower seal. Imagine being able to take a steam shower at home! This walk-in/steam shower can be accompanied by either a flush or raised threshold.

The AirPocket Door is made possible thanks to the built-in AIRMADA Air-Jet technology, which dries the difficult-to-reach pocket after use. Like the AIRMADA Shower Drying System, you simply hit a switch when you are done with your steam shower and the timer-controlled system will shut off at your pre-determined time frame.

Another advantage of a pocket door for your shower is the fact that it will free up significant space in your bathroom relative to the traditional swinging shower door.

Made of stainless steel, the AirPocket Door is beautifully designed and built to last. 

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Style and Ordering

Ordering your custom door is simple. Provide us with the finished width and height for the door you want. We will make the door to your specifications. Be sure to account for the finish material, which will reduce the width of your opening when it is applied.

AIRMADA recommends Schluter® KERDI waterproofing system. Thin-set mortar adheres to the KERDI membrane, which is then applied over and up to the side edge of the of the Airmada Air Pocket System’s steel pocket.

To calculate the opening required for your AirPocket System, double the width of your shower door and add another 5-inches. For example, a 25-inch opening with a half-inch-thick stone finish results in finished width of 26 opening. Doubling the width and adding an extra 5-inches results in an AirPocket System that measures 57-inches wide.

You must make a similar allowance for your custom AirPocket System’s height. For a floor-to-ceiling finished height of 80-inches, you will need an AirPocket System 80.5 inches tall. Also account for a finished threshold of 6-inches, to the opening itself will measure 74.5-inches tall.

The threshold is the curb that keeps water in shower. It houses the base of the lower track for the door. The track drain is also concealed within the curb. Once your shower’s finish work is completed, your installer will trim the drain to be flush with the finish material.

The AirPocket System is designed to accommodate doors up 30-inches wide and 88-inches tall. For larger openings contact us for pricing.