Can I order the door in custom sizes ?   

Yes. You can order just about any size to fit your project.  30" wide and 84" tall is popular. When you order your door you will see popular size options. If one of those does not work, contact us for a completely custom order.  

How big of space do I need to install the door?  

Double the size of the finished opening you want and add 5-inches. That is the typical amount of room you will need for the plumbing install. Also consider the finish material thickness you will be installing on the interior of the shower opening.  

For example, if you want a 27-inch finished opening size, you must add the thickness of your tile or stone to the final equation. If you are planing on installing 1/2-inch stone to the opening, you will have to have a 28-inch wide door opening.  After you install your 1/2-inch stone on each side, your opening will reduce to 27-inches. If you are using 1/4-inch mortar bed, you would have to accommodate for that, as well. So we would make you a 28.5-inch opening. The same math should be used for the height.

General Information

How long does it take to dry my glass shower door?  

Typically 5-10 minutes.

How does the water drain?   

There are two methods for drainage installation. The first is a 3/8-inch stainless steel drain that is built in to the trough that the glass slides across and is in middle of the threshold of your door opening. It sits in the bottom of the threshold of your shower and exits inside the shower. Your contractor will pour a cement threshold which the drain will be encased in. After tile/stone work you will trim the drain to fit just right.

The second method involves no drain and the threshold is open on one side.    

Your method of choice just depends on the look you are wanting. See the installation manual for more detail.  

Is the Air Pocket system able to dry the entire shower space? 

Yes, by purchasing the optional Air Nozzle kit. You install the nozzles in your shower ceiling framing prior to finish work. For steam showers it is recommended to install them in the ceiling above a rain shower head. The air then rushes down onto back of the rain head and is fanned out into the shower. A completely wet shower after a steam can be dry within 20 minutes.   

So this system will make my shower space dry and my glass door will be dry?    

Yes! Most mold problems will be completely eliminated. The shower space will be fresh and dry within minutes of your exit.  

Can I add more than two air nozzels for faster drying on large showers?  

Yes. Special systems can be built that dry the shower quickly. Contact us for project help and pricing.  

Can the Air Nozzles be installed in a ring pattern around my traditional shower/bath tub application?  

Yes. Tile all the way up to ceiling and mount two nozzles in the ceiling 1-inch away from the wall. Mount four nozzles on long walls. Your shower will be dry very quickly. No mold or bad smells ever again! A fresh shower is ready for the next person in minutes. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Does water ever get outside of the door and onto the floor? 

No. It all stays inside the door and shower space. No more wet floors from opening the glass door out into the bathroom. No spilled water from a shower curtain on to outside floor.

Does it work like a traditional pocket door? 

Yes. Only ours has a patent pending system to remove all water with the push of a button. 

Do I ever have to clean the glass door?  

Yes. Periodically you might want to clean the door with glass cleaner. It will reduce cleaning tremendously. We're seeing most doors need to be cleaned lightly every month vs every day. Different hard water issues across the country can affect what's left on door after all the water is driven off of it.      

I've heard this door will lead to my shower space being very warm and comfortable,  is this true?   

Yes. The door keeps almost all of the moisture and heat into the shower space. You will find you will want the door closed all the time while showering.  Because it's so warm!

Can I leave the door in closed position so the shower opening is open?  

Like an open concept shower space? Yes. That's one of the reasons it was conceived. To create open space when you want and the ability to close it when you wanted to keep moisture in.  

Does this door work with a steamer?

Yes. It keeps steam in perfectly. It is the best door on the market for steam shower application.  

Does the door system come with the glass? 

No. Your local glass shop will cut and fit your tempered glass door. It will bolt up to our installed track. Reference material is in our installation guide that your local glass shop will recognize.  

Why doesn't it come with glass? 

Shipping glass is difficult and costly. It is best for your local person to handle the install. It is easy for them as they do it every day. Make an appointment with your glass shop once you have ordered your Air Pocket. They have the expertise to cut and install the glass once your Air Pocket is ordered.

We recommend to wait until tile work is complete also to make sure they take accurate measurements.

What is the glass thickness?

We recommend 3/8-inch. We can accommodate 1/2-inch glass or thicker.  Contact us with project details.  

Where does the blower mount for my Air Pocket? 

Your Air Pocket will come with one or two air blowers depending on the size of your door and number of optional Air Nozzles. You can mount them right next to shower in closet type structure or as far as 40' away.  If you are able it is best to install them in a mechanical room, basement, or attic space.

The connection between the air blower and the Air Pocket uses 2-inch SCH 40 PVC. It is fairly simple to put blowers in basement and pipe up to the back of the Air Pocket spine with 2-inch PVC in the wall cavity.    

How do I attach tile and or stone to the Air Pocket?

Your Air Pocket will mostly be concealed in your wall. The opening will be exposed stainless steel. Using the Schluter® KERDI waterproofing system you will attach the Schluter® KERDI fabric to the stainless steel and then your stone or tile to the Schluter® KERDI fabric. 

Which grade of stainless steel is used for the Air Pocket?  

We use alloy 316L 14 gauge high-quality, American-made stainless steel. 

Is the plumbing difficult to install/attach? 

No. The plumbing consists of simple connections. Most of it will come pre-assembled. For custom jobs, it will be simple. Simple compression rings and common SCH 40 PVC. See the installation manual or contact us if needed. 

Is the stainless steel pocket difficult to install?

For contractors it will be simple. It will require special simple framing to accommodate the pocket. The pocket will simply screw into the framing and the rest is straightforward. An electrician will be required to wire outlets for the blowers. 220v optional blowers are available. 

Is there a soft stop option? 

Yes. It's all stainless steel construction to withstand being wet and steam connections. Each soft stop option will handle one direction of door travel. 

How is the Air Pocket space saving?    

The Airpocket is a pocket door. You can have a shower in a space that might have been too tight for other door options. We can also build you a really small one to accommodate the smallest of shower spaces.   

Does the inside of the opening to the shower need to be made of stone or solid surface material?

We recommend that it is constructed of one piece per side solid material, whether it is man-made or marble/granite, etc. The solid material makes it much easier for the definition and install of the opening. It defines the opening of the glass door itself.  It will define a nice line for you, and for your wall tile to come to. Both in the shower and on outside walls if you wish. You can also paint outside walls to this solid surface line.  

This install method also allows for the 1/2-inch deep slot that the door travels through and rests into on the wall opposite the pocket opening. When you open the door it is guided by this slot and rests into it. This allows for moisture to stay in the shower space, which is especially important for steam showers.  

It's also important for the well-being of your bathroom walls and painted surfaces. Nothing ruins drywall and painted surfaces faster than moisture/steam. The stone/solid surface also looks amazing! 

How deep do the slots need to be in the shower opening?

We recommend at least 1/2-inch of depth for the glass to travel through and rest against. You can put any water proof finish on it, so allow for slot to be deeper to account for finish tile thickness, etc to maintain the 1/2-inch clearance.