Our Story

In 2011, while renovating my home’s master suite, my family and I decided that we wanted something special for our shower—something that had never been done before. We wanted a stunning walk-in shower, but at the same time we also wanted a steam shower. Previously, these designs were impossible to incorporate together in the same shower space.

AirPocket Door

After trying and failing to find a solution that fit our needs, I decided to innovate. The AirPocket Door was born. After an extensive research and design phase, the AIRMADA design team perfected the system.

The AIRMADA AirPocket Door is a simple idea that’s remarkably effective. Our custom pocket conceals the shower door when it is open, creating a totally open shower space. When the shower door is closed, it seals in steam for a relaxing steam shower. The genius of the AIRMADA AirPocket Door is the air jets hidden within the custom pocket. When activated, the powerful jets automatically blast water off the door and channel it to the shower drain.

AirJet Shower Drying System

The AIRMADA AirPocket Door’s air jets worked so well that I decided to apply the concept to the shower space itself. Using air nozzles that can be integrated into the ceiling or walls of the shower. I was able to dry my entire shower space, not only making cleaning and drying hands-free, but also virtually eradicating mold and foul smells.

My family has enjoyed the AirPocket Door and AirJet Shower Drying System for years. Now, I want to share it with the world. Each system is handmade in the Heartland of America by skilled craftsmen. We pride ourselves on making a system that can be customized to each customer’s shower space.

I’m so excited about product that I want to talk to you myself. Contact me to find out how the AIRMADA will forever change the way you think about showers.

Ron Tucker
Founding Partner